Barry Dyment

Phone: 781-389-7431


Barry Dyment Started his professional career as a School Teacher in the Chelmsford Public Schools, teaching classes in house construction and design. Barry decided to explore the real estate field as a way of supplementing his income. But within five years of earning his realtor’s license, he left the profession of teaching altogether, believing he had found his true calling in helping people find and sell their homes. And real estate is indeed a calling for Barry, and not just a job. He takes pride in his ability to understand the concerns of every client, making each one feel comfortable. “Their goal is my goal,” he says of his clients. He makes a point of listening to their questions, providing comprehensive explanations, and anticipating their needs. Buying and selling homes can be complicated, Barry concedes, but he eliminates any potential frustration for his clients. “I understand that when people are buying or selling a home, they are going through a major life transition and making difficult decisions. But I make it easier for them by listening and being supportive. By the end of the transaction, I truly feel I’ve developed a close personal bond with each client. Knowing the laws and requirements of selling houses is important, but building a rapport of trust and understanding is even more important. The definition of a successful transaction isn’t just closing a sale; it’s making both the buyer’s and the seller’s experience as emotionally gratifying as possible.”