Our Commitment

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Community can mean different things to different people. To us, it’s more than just the houses we’ve sold within the city-defined borders. After years of living and loving this community, it’d be hard not to get attached! We’re immersed in the culture, supportive of our neighbors, and dedicated to improving the already-great city.

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We believe that everyone can make a difference in their community and improve the overall quality of life for all residents. By investing in neighborhood schools, local events, we’re happily giving back to the community that’s given us so much over the years.

We like to build up the community–literally. Our work with the local builders that we represent helps us shape the neighborhoods we live in.

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I grew up in Newton, and I absolutely love these communities in which I live and work. I’ve chosen to raise my family here, and utilize my experience in this area to develop my real estate business in what I consider to be some of the most magnificent communities to be found.

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I live in Belmont, with my husband, 4 children (ranging in age from 9th grade to college senior), our chickens, cats and a bearded dragon. I attended the Belmont public schools, Wheaton College, Boston University School of Law and Boston University Graduate School of Management.

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